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Hassle-Free Smog Check and DMV Registration Renewal Services by Ace Auto Group!

You love your car, don’t you? We do too!

But, like everything else in our life, owning a car comes
with some responsibilities like:


And a lot more…

But don’t you worry! We’ve got your back.

If you’re searching the internet for “Smog shops near me,” look no further than Ace Auto Smog.

Fastest Smog Check Service.

All you need to do is bring your car toAce Auto Smog in Martinez, on Pacheco BLVD, relax in our waiting hall, use our free Wi-Fi to surf the internet, watch YouTube videos and do online shopping for about 30 minutes.

In these 30 minutes, our experienced and friendly experts will run a full smog check on your car.

If your car passes the test, we will send a success report to the authorities. After that, you can disconnect the Wi-Fi and drive away to your home like a responsible environment-friendly citizen.

DMV will check the success reports and will update your license immediately.

But,‌ ‌What‌ ‌if‌ ‌My‌ ‌Car‌ ‌Fails‌ ‌the‌ ‌Smog‌ ‌Test?‌ ‌

In this case, you won’t be able to drive your car on the road legally!

But don’t you worry, we’ve got your back!
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    Print out a full report

    In case your car fails the Smog test, our experts will print out a full report of all the problems.

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    Fix your problem

    They will then refer you to our repair facility, Ace Auto Care, where you can get those problems fixed ASAP (at a 10% discount).

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    Perform the smog test

    Then, we will perform the smog test again for FREE, and send the authorities the success results.

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    Free re-test

    If you decide to take your car to another repair facility, we would be happy to perform the smog test again for free. You have up to 90 days to take advantage of the free re-test.


Does My Car Need a Smog Test?


If you own a 1976 or newer model car which is registered in California and is powered by one of the following fuel type:

  • polygen


  • polygen


  • polygen

    Natural gas

  • polygen


  • polygen

    Methanol / Ethanol fuels

  • polygen

    Hybrid Electric

  • exclemetry

    Your car will need a smog check every two years.

In case you bought a pre-owned car (i.e.,there is a title transfer of a vehicle), you will have to present DMV with a valid smog certificate. In this case, you will need to get a smog check done on your car to get this certificate.

If the Smog certificate was submitted to the DMV within 90 days before the transfer date, then there is no need for a smog check.

Which Vehicles Are Exempt From Smog Check in California?

Please Note – Exemption from Smog DOES NOT APPLY to vehicles that are Not registered in California. If you were to buy an out-of-state car, a valid smog certificate is a must, for the initial californian registration.


The following vehicles DON’T REQUIRE a Smog Check Certificate during a title transfer:


After reading all this information, if you find out that your car requires a Smog Check, bring it to , and we will get it done right away.

After all, you don’t want to harm the environment by driving an unchecked car (and losing some moola if caught), do you?

But There Are Other Smog Shops in Martinez… What Is So Special About You?

What makes us unique is that we are NOT a solo smog shop.

We are a part of a family-owned automotive group, which allows us to give you other services like:


Hassle-free DMV registration renewal services

Usually, you wait in line for long hours to renew your registration
(or to make appointments). We provide you with DMV registration services after your smog check, which can save you a lot of time. So, no more waiting in lines.

Find and buy your dream cars (or any other vehicle) at lower prices

Want to buy your dream car but don’t want to spend a fortune?
Let us find it for you! Ace Auto Dealers, we help you get the best pre-owned cars at exceptional values..

If you don’t see your favorite car in our collection, Dont wory… we will help find it for you!

We have built strong relationships with a vast network of dealers and have access to not only national, but international whole sale inventory, through which we will help you find the car of your dreams, or your next comuter, at an exceptional price.

Take care of all your car repair needs

If your car needs additional repairs such as wheel alignments, brakes and suspension checks, AC repairs, oil change, and tune-ups, look no further than Ace Auto Care.

If you are satisfied with our smog check services and your car requires some other repairs, visit Ace Auto Care and give us a chance to serve you there as well.

Sell us your cars at deals you won’t get anywhere else

Are you tired of driving your old car?

We purchase your old cars at the best prices—no more running after buyers who seem interested today and vanish tomorrow.

Donate your car for a greater cause

We would love to pay 100% of the value of your donated vehicle to Galvanizing Athena, a non-profit that empowers women and youth through character building education and employment. Click to donate.

In short, we are a one-stop destination for all of your car-related needs.
And that is what makes us unique and different from other smog shops in the town.

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